It's all fun in the sun!


  • eight lessons​


  • six lessons

  • four lessons

  • two lessons

Swim Lessons

  60 Minutes       30 Minutes______20 Minutes*

*Best for ages six months to 12 months. 

$480              $300            $225

$390              $240            $180

$280              $170            $135

$150              $90              $70

  • ​​Each lesson will be taught one on one at your home or in your community pool. 
  • ​​A wonderful aspect about private lessons is that you or your child will be learning how to swim in your own pool - a safe, comfortable and familiar environment. 
  • Living in south Florida, I am sure you realize how important it is to know how to swim.  We are surrounded by many potential hazards: ocean, lakes, pools, canals.  Last year alone, there were nearly 400 deaths by accidental drownings.  Don't let you or one of your loved ones be a victim.    
  • If you already know how to swim and want to improve your technique, that service is also available with the pricing listed below.